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Today i want to show you something about software that related to animation. I want to share about animation software with 3 dimension. This software is called K-3D. K-3D is created by Timothy M. Shead. This software is free to installed and used. I have been installed it my computer, when i run it for the first time with windows 7 as operating system it show template with 3 axis such as x, y, z. This view is called view-port. When I am tried it, is so easy and simple to use. Especially when i am try to create ball, wow is so amazing i did it with not take long time. Just open default template then view port is show and then choose shape that you want to created. I create can the ball because in that software support of that shape from all shape on that software have.


This software is so amazing because not only just bring with free license but items which support of this software is also good enough for me as new user. And this is software that i recommended for user that have don’t have a lot of money.

Below are Main item tools that bring on the software

  • Selection Tool

What is function of Selection Tool? The Selection Tool has function to select several target and it has four selection target such as modes – node, vertex, edge, and face. Just click target of your object that you created and it will respond.

  • Move Tool

What is function of Move Tool? The Move Tool has function to move nodes and points interactively within a View-port Panel. You can move your object by clicking Move Tool to every position that you want according of axis such as X, Y, Z

  • Rotate Tool

What is function of Rotate Tool? The Rotate Tool has function Rotate object that we created on View-port. You can rotate your object so easily what ever you want. It will mark with three different circle will show

  • Scale Tool

What is function of Scale Tool? The Selection Tool has function to  to scale nodes interactively, by dragging the mouse through a View-port Panel. In this tool it will show Blue, Red, and Yellow line with box shape in the end. You can resize the object by dragging mouse on that box shape.

  • Parent Tool

What is function of Parent Tool? The Parent Tool has function to  “parent” nodes together. if you click that tools, it will show icon of adult and child.

  • Plug Tool

What is function of Plug Tool? The Plug Tool has function to Connect on object properties that we have been created. This tool have plug picture as an icon. when we click that icon the word “connect to” will appear. And the position is the left bar on Object properties

  • Render Region Tool

What is function of Render Region Tool? The Selection Tool has function to select a part or all over the object that we want to render it. This function just like crop function on design software.

Update Date2015-11-28
System RequirementsWindows Vista, 7, 8, 10, MacOS, Linux
License GNU Free
Link To Download (windows)direct download



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