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Are you want to write your article with other common word processor? You must try this software. This software is called Abiword. Abiword is a word processor similar with Microsoft word. But the main different with Microsoft word is all about license. Microsoft word using paid license but for Abiword have free license or commonly we can say we can free to used without charge. If you don’t have much money. I suggest you tried this software. Is so easy and not complicated.

Abiword is basically created on Open source project. It is currently used and run on Unix system, MacOS X.

AbiWord is a great word processor with free license and it attracted more user to used.  It is also support with many different language and also have built-in spelling checker feature.

Below is several Features of Abiword.

Multi Platform Feature

According from the official website, Abiword can be installed and run Almost Operating system such as Linux, Windows, Mac-OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris and QNX. It can be work smoothly on Multiple Platform on OS.


Just like another word processor, could read and write standard documents types such as docx from Microsoft word, odt from OpenOffice.org, rtf or Rich Text Format, and event to HTML extension for Website. It have default standard documents type which is called abw extension.

Advanced Document Layout

It have amazing template that can be manage from the menu such as Footnote, List, Images, Bullet and Numbering and etc.

Mail Merge

Just like on the Microsoft Word Documents, Abiword is also have feature which called Mail Merge. With mail merge, it can bring you make comfort when write an article that have more than thousand word without using hand to type it. You can use mail merge to replace type a word by hand with automatically by using Relational Databases.

Update Date2005-09-01
System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista, Linux, and MacOS X 10.8 and etc
Link To DownloadDownload Abiword
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