keepnote portable

What is keepnote portable? keepnote portable is software that have a lot of function. This software can help us to manage our jobs or our work to. We can store any our class note or diary, create TODO lists, Journal data or entries, paper outline, our important note and etc.

Keepnote Portable have three view of content, that views are:

Treeview Keepnote treeview is view of the hierarchy of our file that we accessed. Listview Keepnote Listview is view of file that we see after we click files from Keepnote treeview. and the last one isĀ Editor Keepnote Editor. It show of content of our file content and also we can modified data which have been create.

Keepnote Portable license

Keepnote portable have have free license. Beside that we can use this tool very easy. If We want to create new file just click plus sign. Then New page will show on screen.

Keepnote Features

  • This tool have Rich-text formatting (e.g. Bullet point lists, Inline images)
  • Than it support Hierarchical organization for notes
  • Keepnote support Web links and note-to-note links
  • Keepnote have Full-text search
  • It could Integrated screenshot
  • Also have File attachments features
  • Just like other tools, keepnote could Spell checking (via gtkspell)
  • We can set save our files with Auto-saving
  • And the most important is, Keepnote have feature of Built-in backup and restore (archive to zip files)
  • Cross-platform (Linux, Windows, MacOS X)

KeepNote Extensions



According from the official website, KeepNote has another features and is called an Extension System. What is that? Extension system is a plugin in other to add new item feature on KeepNote. And this extension or plugin sometime has been created and develop from developer programming to improve or maximize on KeepNote performance. One of that extension is called Python Prompt. This extension permitted all user to run python on KeepNote.




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