Opera mail download

Opera mail download

What is opera mail? opera mail is an email that has been develop by opera. That information i get from the official website of opera. And from the official website there are information that Opera Mail is at the end-of-life stage of its product life cycle. And it have meaning that neither technical support nor product and security updates will be provided.

Opera mail is using free version license, So we can installed that software without any cost that we spend out. It is a lightweight, easy on reading, labeling, and filtering on message.

Opera mail is more efficient email.

Opera mail have better way when you read an email. There is an elegant tab will allow you to view email message that coming on our email. We can Navigate it with easy too.

Opera email not work with hard way, but it work with smart way.

Email threads will help you to organize your mail with smart way. Keep update with the context of any mail thread, and fastest view previous messages in the conversation.

With Opera email you can sort message intuitively

Opera email Labels allow you to sort your messages quickly. Take control from your inbox and set simple rules to sort mail automatically based on it.

Keep update with your favorite email

Opera Mail have feature built-in feed reader that provides automatic notification of updates to your favorite websites.

Is there any opera mail with Portable format?

As long with opera mail has been created for desktop version, and now some developer has been created opera mail with portable version. But now mail portable version has been discontinued. Although has been discontinued but we can still used it with our own risk. And have it try on my computer and it work perfectly and there are no error on it.

Update Date2016-02-16
System RequirementsWindows 7, 8, 10
Link To Downloadhttp://bit.ly/2NZwcFG


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