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If you want to do some job about editing audio, i suggest you to try this tool. This tool called Audacity. Audacity download found September 2008. Then Audacity improve performance and to remove bug of this software. With Audacity you can get more attractive audio media tools. when i used it, is look like i am using a professional software.

Audacity have free license, you can easily to use it with comfort. It has been describe on the official website and the word just say like this below.

“You are free to use this application for any personal, commercial, or educational goals, including installing it on as many different computers as you wish. And You are also free to give it away, sell it, or modify it for your own use, according the terms of the GNU General Public License”.

And from the official website is also said; “One reason it is free license is so that it will be more popular and useful. Yet another reason is to encourage collaboration. Because of Audacity’s free license, many of people around the universe have contributed code development, bug show fixes, documentation, and graphics display”.

I have good news for you, that Audacity has been develop in portable version. With Audacity Portable download will make more easy to use.

Audacity have several Features:

Recording SupportIt can record live audio from a microphone , mixer, digitize recordings or other related device from other media
Able to Export or Importwith this software we could import, edit, and combine sound files. Export your recordings in many different file formats support, including multiple files at once
Quality of SoundsIt Supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit. Sample formats and rates are converted using high-quality re-sampling and dithering
Plug-ins AvailableAudacity Support for LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit effect plug-ins. Effects can be easily modified in a text editor – or you can even write your own plug-in
Editing ToolsEasy editing with Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete. Also unlimited sequential Undo (and Redo) in the session to go back any number of steps
Effects ToolsReal-time preview of LADSPA, LV2, VST and Audio Unit (macOS) effects when editing process. Plug-in setup handles plug-in installation and addition/removal of effects and generators from the menus.
AccessibilityWith Tracks and selections can be fully manipulated using the keyboard. Large range of keyboard shortcuts is supported
Analysis SystemSpectrogram view mode for visualizing and selecting frequencies. Plot Spectrum window for detailed frequency analysis
Update Date2018-02-20
System RequirementsWindows, Linux and MAC
LicenseOpen Source (GPL)
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