AIMP3 download (v3.50 Build 1224 Beta 1)

AIMP3 Download

AIMP3 Download

If you want to play mp3 file or other audio format, you can use audio player software to run it. At the old time there is a tool that can played on computer. So many people obsessed to searching and download it. because at the old age, it became famous software than can play audio file. There a no competition of this audio player. An audio format only run with mp3 player on your PC. Now, so many audio tool that has been created. One of them is AIMP3. This software basically is used to play audio file such as MP3, AAC or etch. and you can get AIMP3 download with free

AIMP3 skin default is combined of Black, Yellow and little of silver color. If You see it clearly is look like other famous audio player. And other benefit of this tool is, there are item software that bring on it. and that item is used to convert file or several people grabber tools. Usually Grabber or Converter tool is not include in a main software usually is separated from main software. But with this tool, all supported tool is with it.

Just like other audio tool, AIMP3 have Equalizer. This function is have function to control and maintenance sound of file which play on AIMP3. Without this item tools, audio or music that played is not good.

aimp3 download

aimp3 download

And the last one is about skin. you can change skin of AIMP3 with easy way.

This software is have been updated on Jan, 31 2013. And the last version is AIMP v3.50 Build 1224 Beta 1 and is still on beta version.

Update Date2013-02-08
System RequirementsWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Android, Linux (Using Wine)
Link To Download1


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