Sublime Text Portable

For you that always use script code to create and develop a program, may be know with this software. And I think, many people have been using it. This software is good, with black color as background. Every time we type several code, sometime notification type suggestion will appear on our monitor. This software has black or dark background. when we type a font, font color will be dominate by yellow color. This tool is called Sublime Text Portable

This software only show text only, if you want to see the result you must execute in browser. it has more than 10 item when we save encoding. this tool is also can be used on Windows and Open source like Linux. Just remember on your mind this tool only work for writing a code.

If we begin to start to use there are workplace to write a code with left side pane. and also so many syntax that support with this software. I am already use this software for almost a month. And i using it to create my program with php syntax. And I feel something different, is awesome. Just told from earlier, which it have something missing on my script writing, we can track it.

I suggest, if you want to write a code just tried it. it will not disappointed you.

Update Date2018-05-07
System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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