The Legend of Edgar Portable

This is a game with 2D graphic. This is an old games. and not bad at all. For an adult, this game is very boring because have static movement and not fleksible. Story of this game about  journey trough the world. Edgar must survive in the battle against the enemy. Edgar get journey using body armor with walk. And sometime Edgar must asking someone to get clue. The Legend of Edgar have features large levels with not same environments and so many weapons support in this games.  This is a persistent game world that can be traveled through battles, lots of sound effects and music tracks, joy-pad support with configurable controls, and configurable keyboard support. And there settings of keyboard to move the game.

below is keyboard key to play The Legend of Edgar

  1. Jump=space
  2. Move front = right arrow
  3. Move back = left arrow;
  4. Action = c

playing this games remind me at the beginning of games been created. Bring our memory in the past. Boring with 3D games just try this game.

PublisherParallel Realities & (Ken Herbert)
Update Date2018-01-07
System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and WINE under UNIX/Linux
LicenseFree / Open Source (GPL) Launcher, The Legend of Edgar
Link To Download


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