TeamViewer Portable

There are two versions of Teamviewer, the free one and the one that costs. The one that costs has a few more features in it but nothing you can’t work around in the free version and voila, you look like a hero as you’ve helped a friend and your friend’s computer is working again.

Even though you usually try to keep this information tightly controlled, it always seems – if you know anything about computers – that your friends suddenly start inundating you with calls to fix their ailing machines.

It’s usually not something that you want anyone to know about, if you’ve been dealing with computer issues for a number years, because you know exactly what will happen – the calls will start and the please will come over the phone to help them with “little problems that are slowing down their computers.” By the time you are done, you’ve probably ended up rebuilding most of their computer and the thanks you get – if you’re lucky – is a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a donuts.

Since it seems inevitable, anyway, that your “secret life” will get out there, it makes sense to have a copy of TeamViewer that you should keep installed on your home computer and another install disk or a free copy of an install disk that you can leave you the sites where you will be helping out. It just makes sense.

Once you’ve installed it and have it running on both computers – each session has a unique ID number and password – you will find that you have nearly complete control over the desktop of the ailing computer and then you can find out the problem; fix it while you remain at home and log out.

It’s that simple: install at home and leave it running and then give your friend instructions on how to install it on his computer – usually on the phone, though you can send the instructions as well as login passwords in emails and you’re all set. The next screen you see is the ailing computer.

Once you’ve figured out the problem – usually something minor – you fix it, look like a hero and go on with your life. If it takes a bit longer, you can actually set up a chat with the user of the ailing computer, walk them through a number of tests; narrow down the issue; fix it and you’re on your way. The best part is you’ve never left your home.
It’s a nice piece of software that should be installed on any computer where you will be doing work on other ailing computers.

Update Date2018-07-26
System RequirementsWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
LicenseFreeware (Personal use only) Launcher, Installer
Link To Download


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