ManiaDrive Portable

Hello Guys, welcome back to my website. This time i will review about old game (that is my opinion), why i am saying that because of game graphic on this game. This game using bad graphic when we start the game. And when i try to play this game using windows XP is not bad. This game run well, but with bad graphic. And may be the developer can improved it.

But my another opinion said that this game is good for simulation for beginner. And there several option that we can choose and use before we played. May be that all is my opinion. If you want to try just click link download below picture

PublisherManiaDrive Team &
Update Date2013-07-27
System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10
LicenseFree / Open Source (GPL, Launcher: GPL) Launcher, ManiaDrive
Link To Download


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