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What is ObjectDock Download? ObjectDock is Dock that based on animated and use for Windows. It can be launched and event accessed of your several program, file and shortcut.
This program can also automatically hide by itself when we are not using it. And it will show again when you move or drag your mouse to its position.

Objectdock just like task bar. usually it place on above default task bar of Microsoft windows. But if we want to placed on left side or right side it can be done by dragging Objectdock. it just like task bar on apple operating system.



you can place icon of shortcut desktop on Objectdock. And to do that is not hard. Just drag the shortcut on to it. when your mouse touch one of the shortcut that has been placed on Objectdoc, then icon will grow. But when your mouse has been passed trough then theshortcut will be come normally.

You can create group of shortcut on Objectdock. Organize your shortcut based on Group. for example you can create Group of Microsoft Office Office, by putting Microsoft Excel, Microsot Word and Powerpoint on it. Or you can create group of Design by putting GIMP, Image Viewer on Objectdock. You can ObjectDock Download in this website.

And for the last thing that may be useful for you is Skin on Objectdock. You can change default skin to other skin template that support on it. And try discover new skin of Objectdock. if you want to install it don’t forget to check specification data below.

Update Date1998
System RequirementsWindows 8/7/Vista
Link To Downloadhttp://bit.ly/2ndaRZr
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